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New solutions to brachiation

The new Brachiation Ladders with Wall Brackets represent the solution to space problem that may occur at home, school, clinics, etc.

The different options we present respond to the needs and functionality required in each case, from structures that hold the ladder to a fixed height and position, even the most versatile structures allow to regulate the height placement of the ladder, Its tilts, and even the possibility of folding the assembly to occupy minimal space in the room where it is installed.

To the wall brackets you can adapt our 3 ladder types: Doman School® Ladder (3 mts, 3,5 mts and 4 mts), Brachiation Ladder (3 mts and 4 mts) and Overhead Ladder (3 mts and 4 mts). Another length, check with our Customer Care Department.


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